PET Plastic Flakes

YASH Recycling will initially utilize one main process in the facility to produce Cleaned and recycled plastic PET flake (RPET), recovered from post-consumer beverage bottles and manufacturing waste produced by its customers.

Importance of recycling

  1. Conservation of natural resources.
  2. Reduce pollution and global warming.
  3. Reduce fullness as recycling is working to reduce the vast amount of waste which expands at the whole world.
  4. Recycling contributes significantly to reduce fuel consumption.
  5. Recycling plastic water bottles helps to conserve space that can be used for other waste.

Input Raw Material

PET or PETE is the plastic used for blow moulding clear, colourless bottles. These mostly contain diluting juices, Drinking Water, Cola, vegetable oil or washing-up liquid. These bottles can be one trip or returnable. They usually have polypropylene tops with security rings; the latter remaining with the bottle once the top is removed. They may also have a cylindrical PVC label wrapped round the bottle.

PET plastic bottles may be post industrial or post consumer bottles.


End Product Description

YASH Recycling products will be sold to custom thermoforms primarily to be used to produce high-visibility packaging. It will also be sold to manufacturers of laminates and fabricated plastic products.

High strength PET packaging strapping is used to secure packages or pallets in such industries as lumber milling and corrugated and other paper production.

Both products will be extruded from post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. There is an excess of 15 Million tons traded annually of PET. YASH Recycling initial capacity will be 7200 tons annually.

YASH Recycling will clean and refine the PET material from the post-consumer bottle stock and post-industrial manufacturing waste. The PET flake resin produced will be sold to the market and outside manufacturers to be used in an array of further industries such as extruding into roll stock sheet or high-strength strapping.

Product Technical Specifications


Product specifications will slightly vary based on input raw material used. This section highlights the common product output specification that the plant would be probably producing on a monthly basis:

  • 100% clear transparent PET bottle flakes and 85% whit with 15% light blue colours.
  • Hot washed and dried
  • Melting point 254 – 256 o
  • 10-12 mm in size and can be modified.
  • PVC contents less than 100 PPM.
  • Humidity less than 1%.
  • Free from labels and other foreign substance.
  • Packed in 40 Kg bags.
  • Total 20 to 23 MT./40 High Cube container.

Product Usage

Our PET Flakes are widely used in various and wide variety of industries. The industries that would have a great demand for such product can be summarized as following:

  • Textile industry : Fibre & fabric for polyester carpet, T-shirts, long underwear, athletic shoes, luggage, upholstery and sweaters
  • Fiberfil for sleeping bags and winter coats.
  • General Industrial usage: industrial strapping, sheet and film
  • Automotive parts, such as luggage racks, headliners, fuse boxes, bumpers, grilles and door panels
  • Geotextiles (road stabilization)
  • Ceiling insulation , composite timber products
  • Food & beverages:  PET containers for both food and non-food products